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Articles related to invasive species

Browse: The fine line between playing God and saving species Browse: Gene Drives: Just 100 Infertile Mice Can Eradicate an Island Population
Browse: Genes Could Get the Jump on Cane Toads Browse: Cane Toad Invasion Front Is Accelerating in Straight Lines
Browse: London’s Underground Mozzie Molests Us in Winter
The London Underground mosquito has been found in hundreds of locations in southern and central Australia.
cane toad
Feature: Tolerate Thy Neighbour
Cane toads have been wiping out native species, but one fish species has learnt to avoid toxic toadpoles.
Feature: The Illegal Wildlife Trade as a Source of New Alien Species
The illegal wildlife trade is increasing the likelihood that foreign reptiles will become established in the wild – with consequences for both biodiversity and human health.
Browse: Expansion of Invasive Species Underestimated
The rapid expansion of invasive species through spatial sorting is not being incorporated into predictions of their spread, according to A/Prof Rick Shine of the University of Sydney’s School of Biological Sciences.
Feature: Sex with Strangers
An invasive honey bee species is mating with local honey bees in Far North Queensland. What are the consequences for the Australian honey bee industry?
The beach daisy growing on the east coast of Australia.
Feature: Daisy Chains Unshackle Evolution’s Speed Limit
The rapid evolution of an introduced beach daisy reveals how much we underestimate the ability of plants to adapt to climate change.
Browse: Eavesdropping on Bee Hive Invaders’ Chatter Browse: Invasive Ants Carry Novel Virus and Bee Pathogens
Browse: Cane Toads Develop Shady Habits Eco Logic: All for One and One for All
Human behaviour plays an enormous role in the spread or control of invasive weeds.
Eco Logic: The Feasibility of a Cane Toad Barrier
Preventing the spread of cane toads into Western Australia’s Pilbara could cost less than $100,000 per year.
Up Close: Weeds girdle the globe: The marauding march of invasive plant species
Plant population specialist Prof Roger Cousens talks about how the spread of undesirable plants, or “weeds”, has dramatically redefined the world’s natural landscapes and coastlines, and what this means for us economically, aesthetically and environmentally.
Up Front: A New Twist in the DNA Revolution
Gene drives take genetic modification to the population level, with applications in health, conservation and agriculture, but there are also practical and ethical concerns.