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Articles related to intelligence

Credit: peter_waters/Adobe
Feature: Chasing the Meaning of Zero
It took early mathematicians until 400 BC to determine the concept of zero, yet the simple bee brain can be trained to recognise an “empty set” within a few hours.
When the pigeon pecks the image correctly a border is displayed and a short tone
Feature: Bird Brains? Pigeons Move Up the Pecking Order
Research into the intellectual abilities of pigeons reveals that the brains of birds, while very different to our own brains, are capable of much more than they’re given credit for.
Browse: Fatter Babies Are Smarter
Parents worrying that early weight gain may be a sign of subsequent obesity might be reassured to know that fast-growing offspring are also more likely to have the brains to take on life’s challenges, poor health included.
Browse: Parrots make complex economic decisions to maximise rewards
The Bitter Pill: Too Open to Ideas?
Why do intelligent people believe incredible things? Psychological studies suggest that the answer may lie in personality type rather than any measure of intelligence.
Naked Skeptic: Fides et Ratio – Faith and Reason
Are reports of a negative correlation between intelligence and religious belief a tabloid beat-up?
Up Close: Beyond exceptional: What makes a child prodigy?
Psychology researcher Dr Joanne Ruthsatz talks about the personality traits that set child prodigies apart from other children.
Online Feature: The ethics of "gifted" genes: the road to Gattaca?