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Articles related to infectious disease

Feature: Driving Mosquitoes out of Town
Existing techniques to control mosquito-borne diseases are coming up short. Can gene drives offer hope to the millions affected?
Browse: DNA Reveals How Plague Spread
DNA fragments from 1500-year-old teeth have revealed that two of the world’s most devastating plagues were caused by distinct versions of the same bacteria.
Browse: Indian Myna Is Spreading Avian Malaria
Credit: Gino Santa Maria
Cover Story: Predicting Pandemics
Which factors determine whether an emerging virus is likely to burn out or spread like wildfire between people?
Browse: Hendra Antibodies Found in African Bats
The discovery of antibodies capable of neutralising the Hendra and Nipah viruses in African bats has overturned ideas about how the viruses spread.
Browse: Business Class Is Not a Barrier to Measles
Measles is a threat to airline passengers beyond the immediately surrounding rows, an Australian study suggests, requiring a rethink of prevention measures when an infectious person has been on a flight.
Browse: Ignorance about Animal Diseases Leaves Humans at Risk Browse: Mosquitoes Engineered to Resist Zika Virus
Expert Opinion: Novel Coronavirus Outbreak
A new coronavirus – from the same group of viruses responsible for the 2003 outbreak of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) – has been identified as the cause of an increasing number of illnesses and deaths in several countries.
Expert Opinion: Effectiveness of Flu Drug Questioned
A Cochrane review of the effectiveness and side-effects of the drug Tamiflu raises critical questions around the future of government stockpiling of such drugs for use in an influenza pandemic.
Quandary: Ethics in a Time of Ebola
The Ebola outbreak has revealed a number of ethical issues that need to be sorted urgently.
Up Close: Setting forth safely: Travel health before, during, and after the journey
Infectious diseases specialist Assoc Prof Tilman Ruff explains the myriad health risks to today’s travellers, including what to consider before the journey and post-trip follow-up and care.
Up Close: Contagion calculation: Forecasting and tracking outbreaks of influenza
Epidemiologist Assoc Prof Jodie McVernon discusses research into tracking and predicting the spread of influenza and other viral diseases like Ebola.
Up Close: Going viral: Global food security under threat from crop and livestock diseases
Virologist and infectious diseases expert Prof John Fazakerley details the myriad threats to the global food supply from pathogen infestations in crops and livestock, and how new genetic and surveillance technologies are lending hope to keeping them in check.
Up Close: Silent killer: Coming to grips with an emerging epidemic of viral hepatitis
Infectious diseases expert and epidemiologist Dr Ben Cowie explains why viral hepatitis is fast becoming a hidden epidemic with significant public health consequences. Most people with chronic hepatitis types B and C aren't even aware they have the diseases as they show no obvious symptoms or signs, yet they risk severe illness or liver damage. So how is the global health community targeting hepatitis, and how to grow awareness in a largely unsuspecting public?
Online Feature: Fast-tracking access to experimental Ebola drugs
Several therapeutic treatments are in experimental phases of testing and show great promise in treating Ebola virus infections in animal models.