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Articles related to industry

Feature: Future-Proofing Students
Ten partnerships are piloting an innovative program that provides high school students with an industry-supported pathway to a STEM-related qualification.
Feature: The Global Collapse of the Oncology Market
A new approach to cancer treatment promises the use of fewer drugs and shorter treatment periods, leading to a “big short” of stocks that profit from oncology.
Directions: Two Billion More Reasons to Collaborate
With global population expected to grow by two billion, even greater collaboration between researchers and business will be needed to satisfy the world’s food, energy and other needs.
Directions: What Is the Future of Shale Gas in Australia?
A review by ACOLA has weighed up the risks and rewards of shale gas extraction.
Directions: Manufacturing 2.0
The motor industry collapse brings urgency to the manufacturing dilemma.
Directions: Securing Our Digital Future
Our digital future depends on preparing industry and society for change.
Lowe Tech: University’s Share Portfolio Makes Coal Industry Dirty
Selling shares in fossil fuel companies may seem an ethical choice but it may equally be sound investment practice.
Simon Says: Our Niche Pharming Future
Australia’s biggest exporter of value-added products, the pharmaceuticals industry, is struggling to remain competitive.