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Articles related to homeopathy

The Bitter Pill: When ARTG and CAM Spell SFA
Recent moves to improve the regulation of alternative medicines looked promising until the Therapeutic Goods Administration caved under pressure from the industry.
The Bitter Pill: Homeopathy Fails the Test – Again
The National Health and Medical Research Council has found that homeopathy is no better than a placebo. It is one of many such findings around the world, but will it change anything?
The Bitter Pill: US Mandates “No Evidence” Labels for Homeopathic Products
Before advocates of science get too excited, though, a number of caveats may limit its effect.
Expert Opinion: Should Doctors Recommend Homeopathy?
A debate in the British Medical Journal has argued about whether the report into the evidence for homeopathy by Australia’s NHMRC omitted key pieces of evidence.
Naked Skeptic: A Close Run Thing at the Chemist
The engagement of pharmacy and pseudoscience was broken before they could get to the altar, but it would have been a one-sided marriage anyway.
Naked Skeptic: Homeopathy Watered Down?
Homeopaths are worried by changes to British and Dutch legislation, with Australia also under review.
Naked Skeptic: What Science Isn’t
Scientific credibility requires more than a white coat, a laboratory and machines that go “ping”.
Naked Skeptic: If It’s Too Good to Be True...
Despite the NHMRC’s findings on homeopathy and the death of a “wellness warrior”, there is little critical evaluation of health claims by the mainstream media.
Naked Skeptic: Why Did the Dog Go “Quack”?
People who reject evidence-based medicine also subject their pets to veterinary quackery.
Naked Skeptic: Irregular Regulation
A caustic paste can dissolve the authority of regulators more effectively than its purported use against cancer cells.
Online Feature: No evidence homeopathy is effective: NHMRC review
An NHMRC review concludes that there is no reliable evidence that homeopathy is effective.