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Articles related to HIV

Buzz Aldrin setting up seismic equipment on the Moon in 1969.
Cover Story: Lies, Damn Lies, and Science
Conspiratorial thinking is a major element in the rejection of a broad range of scientific findings, from climate change to tobacco, vaccinations, GM foods and the moon landing. But why?
HIV virus attacking a cell. martynowi_cz/iStockphoto
Cover Story: Is an End to AIDS in Sight?
Gene therapy is showing promise as a way to turn HIV against itself and cure AIDS.
Browse: Courtroom Caution for HIV Infection Charges Quandary: Patient Zero
An analysis of blood tests has revealed that HIV was widespread in the 1970s, and that the notion that Gaétan Dumas was the epicentre of the epidemic is flawed.
Up Close: Infected: How HIV works at the cellular level to overwhelm the immune system
Infectious diseases expert Prof Sharon Lewin explains how the HIV virus disarms our immune system and multiplies within it. She also discusses what these discoveries mean for research efforts into future treatment.
Odd Spot: Text messages help HIV patients stick to antiretroviral drug therapy
Patients less likely to miss doses if they were sent weekly mobile phone text message reminders.