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Articles related to greenhouse emissions

Browse: The Human Cost of Carbon Offset Projects Browse: Carbon Emissions Can be Offset by Sewage
A small but significant portion of Australia’s carbon emissions could be offset by using solid waste from sewage treatment to improve soils, according to the CRC for Contamination Assessment and Remediation of the Environment (CRC CARE).
Browse: Increased Emissions in Coal Seam Gas Fields Browse: Corals a Major Source of Climate Gas at Low Tide
Browse: Study Provides Carbon Footprint Table for Food conSCIENCE: Calculating Carbon
Research supports a new approach to counting net CO2 emissions.
Directions: Nuclear Energy Has a Future in Australia
Australia has compelling reasons to debate the use of nuclear energy as a power source.
Eco Logic: The Inequity in Climate Change
The countries responsible for most greenhouse emissions incur the least impacts whereas those least responsible bear the greatest cost. How unfair is that?
Lowe Tech: Double-speak on Coal
The Turnbull government’s support for the coal industry relies on twisted logic.
Lowe Tech: Lift-off for Space Agency
The re-establishment of an Australian space agency is expected to generate billions of dollars after decades of neglect of the sector.
Up Close: Giving off gas: Agriculture's role in greenhouse emissions
Biogeochemist Prof William Horwath explains the impact that modern agriculture has on greenhouse gas emissions from the soil.
Online Feature: Small Dams Create Bigger Problems
A global push for small hydropower projects to reduce greenhouse gas emissions may cause significant losses of biodiversity.