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Browse: Coal Shipping Threat to Great Barrier Reef Browse: Largest Undersea Landslide Revealed on the Great Barrier Reef
Browse: Reef Mapped in High Resolution
The waters of the Great Barrier Reef have been mapped in high resolution, in many cases for the first time.
Browse: Snail Scent Scares Starfish
Browse: Sharks More Abundant on Healthy Coral Reefs
A remote-operated vehicle explores the deep reef. © Catlin Seaview Survey
Feature: Deep Impact
The shallow reefs of the Great Barrier Reef are under stress, with a recent report estimating that half of the coral cover has been lost within the past three decades. However, scientists are now discovering healthy coral communities lying in deeper waters adjacent to these disturbed areas. Could these deep reefs hold the key to the survival of the Great Barrier Reef?
Browse: Mixed News for the Great Barrier Reef
The Great Barrier Reef is suffering the effects of overfishing, but progress is being made to curb the threat of herbicide run-off, according to two studies released in the same week.
Browse: Satellites Reveal a Flood of Information on the GBR
Browse: Corals Eat Plastic Browse: Blood Reveals Great Barrier Reef Sharks Are Homebodies
Browse: Coral Bleaching Caught on Camera Browse: Life and Death after Reef Bleaching
Directions: Setting the Record Straight on Coral Bleaching
The mass bleaching on the Great Barrier Reef this summer is the most damaging recorded.
Eco Logic: The Resilience of the Reef (and Reef Tourism)
The lifestyle values of reef tourism companies contribute to the resilience of those companies and to better conservation outcomes for the Reef itself.
Notice Board: Volunteer divers needed to survey Great Barrier Reef coral and help assess climate change impacts
Research will review how the reef is recovering from recent cyclones and how such extreme physical stress on the reef systems influence coral disease outbreaks.
Online Feature: Year-on-year bleaching threatens Great Barrier Reef's World Heritage status