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conSCIENCE: Super-Seeded Science
The increase in compulsory superannuation contributions provides an opportunity to commercialise our research efforts.
Directions: Four Academies Are Working Together
Australia’s four learned academies are integrating their expertise in science, technology, social science and humanities to form a better evidence base for advice to government.
Lowe Tech: Wind Energy Blows Strong
South Australia’s wind farms are generating almost one-quarter of the state’s energy needs.
Lowe Tech: Researchers Frustrated by Career Prospects
A new survey finds that researchers like their work but are frustrated by limited career paths.
Online Feature: Scientific research spending lags behind smaller countries
Nations half the size of Australia spend more on scientific research, have higher employment levels for scientists, and greater appeal to foreign investors, according to a report on Australia’s global standing in science.
Online Feature: On academic efficiency and the 2013 federal budget
One of the casualties of the 2013 federal budget is the university sector.
Online Feature: Australia needs fundamental research to build a great country
It's taken only 2 months for misgivings about the Abbott government's approach to science policy to be confirmed.