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Browse: Optical Sensor Detects Trace Amounts of Explosives
dog nose
Feature: The Scent of a Crime
Cadaver-detection dogs can’t be trained using human remains. How accurately can the complex scents emitted by decomposing bodies be mimicked when these dogs are trained?
Browse: Flawed Forensics Hamper ID of Human Remains Browse: Bullets Fingerprinted
Browse: Gunshot Residue Matching Puts Shooters in Sights
The Baxter/ Kelly skull
Cover Story: Final Resting Place of an Outlaw
Archaeological and forensic detective work led to the remains of Ned Kelly, one of Australia’s most celebrated, reviled and polarising historical figures.
Cover Story: Post Mortem: What Happens to Drugs after Death?
Drug levels can rise, fall or even disappear entirely after death, potentially leading to incorrect conclusions about murder, suicide and drug overdoses.
Browse: Bacteria Put the Bite on Assailants
New techniques to study the bacteria left behind after biting could prove a boon for forensics, the Otago School of Dentistry claims.
Browse: Forensic Examiners Pass the Face-Matching Test Up Front: Cold Case for a National Genetic Database
If we won’t share our medical history across the health system, it’s hard to see Australians handing over their genetic profile.