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Articles related to fire

Fire is a key part of ecosystems in the Mallee. Credit: Peter Teasdale
Cover Story: Pyrodiversity vs Biodiversity
New research challenges conventional wisdom that the creation of a diverse mosaic of fire histories benefits biodiversity.
Credit: Andrés Castañeda
Feature: Habitat Highways Save Animals from Fire
Fire can act in a similar way to habitat fragmentation and restrict the movement of animals across the landscape.
Browse: Extreme Fires to Increase conSCIENCE: A Burning Solution
A revival of indigenous fire management in the Gulf country is restoring environmental integrity and reducing carbon emissions.
Eco Logic: Opinions Under Fire
An analysis of Victoria’s Black Saturday fires has provided important evidence about which factors save houses. The study highlights the difference between opinion and evidence.
Expert Opinion: Hazelwood coal fire health impacts
The Victorian government may announce a partial evacuation of residents from the smoke-affected town of Morwell. Australian experts comment on the health impacts of coal fires.