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Articles related to epigenetics

Browse: Epigenetic Signatures Predict Breast Cancer Aggression
Feature: Can Diet Be Tailored to Suit Our Genes?
Lifestyle factors such as a eating plenty of fruit and vegetables, getting a good night’s sleep and keeping physically active are the best way to help your genes keep you healthy.
Online Feature: Regulating genes to treat illness, grow food, and understand the brain Browse: DNA Repair Gene’s Role in Acute Myeloid Leukaemia
Feature: Positive Minds Wire Our Brains for Tough Times
Positive feelings are linked to brain development in teenagers, giving neuroscientists insights into why people differ in their resilience to stress and other mental health conditions later in life.
Browse: Devilish Epigenetics Drive Tumour
Tasmanian devil facial tumour disease occurs when epigenetic factors turn off surface molecules that the immune system uses to recognise foreign tissue
Browse: Epilepsy, Epigenes and Molecular Filters Earn PM’s Prizes Browse: Epigenetic Mechanism of Crop Immunity Identified
Expert Opinion: Epigenetic Markers Predict Male Sexual Orientation
Epigenetic differences between male twins has been used to identify sexual orientation with up to 70% accuracy, according to unpublished results presented at the American Society of Human Genetics 2015 annual meeting.
Quandary: This Little Piggy Went to Market
Gene editing promises to enable the safe use of pig organs to transplant into humans. Who could object to that?
Up Close: Altered expression: Epigenetics and its influence on human development
Geneticist Dr Marnie Blewitt explains how epigenetics makes us more than just our genes and how gene inactivation can be crucial to our development.
Online Feature: Scientists explore the mind with epigenomic maps
Comprehensive mapping of the human brain epigenome uncovers large-scale changes that take place during the formation of brain circuitry.