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The ingestible gas sensor
Feature: A Capsule to Look Inside an Irritable Bowel
The impact of diet and illness on the gut can finally be revealed by swallowing an ingenious capsule that directly measures intestinal gases.
Credit: arsdigital
Feature: Light, Soap and Magnets Turn Graphene into “Black Gold”
Some clever chemistry is employing magnetism and a light-sensitive soap to turn simple graphene into a super-material with applications in water purification and electronic devices.
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Cool Careers: Circuits for Satellites
For a wide brown land, the prospect of finding water has always been tantalising. Now a final-year engineering student has found a way to contribute to this quest, winning a scholarship to attend the NASA Academy in the process.
Online Feature: Pasta shape provides better LED
'Rotelle' molecules depolarise light and are more efficient than 'spaghetti'