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Articles related to electricity

Feature: Electric Fish Short-Circuit Blackouts
Electric fish have inspired a new technology that can wirelessly detect where faults in the energy grid are likely to occur before they lead to blackouts.
Credit: Nischaporn/Adobe
Feature: Can the Electricity Grid Cope with Electric Vehicles?
Electric vehicles are expected to take over our roads in the coming decade, but can our electricity infrastructure cope with the additional demands they will place on it?
Browse: Expensive Electricity Increases Asthma
Asthma attacks have been linked to the price of electricity, with a study finding that hospital admissions rise when prices are higher.
Credit: Francois Poirier/Adobe
conSCIENCE: The Basic Mistake Made by Critics of Electric Vehicles
Arguments that electric vehicles are no “greener” than the electricity they use fail to acknowledge the increasing role of renewables in the energy grid.
Directions: Can Intelligent Networks Solve Our Energy Challenge?
We’re changing to a two-way network to exchange electricity between participants.
Directions: Energy Productivity Can Cut Costs and Encourage Growth
Australia needs to double its current level of national energy productivity by 2030.
Lowe Tech: White Washing Energy Policy
The draft energy white paper would have looked out of date 25 years ago, when we already knew about the problems of “peak oil” and climate change.
Lowe Tech: Keeping All the Lights On
A 100% renewable energy system using pumped hydro can store enough power for peak demand at a competitive price to fossil fuels.
Lowe Tech: Recycling Efforts Wasted
Householders might decide it’s not worth the trouble sorting their waste.
Online Feature: How to store surplus renewable energy
Scientists calculate the energy required to store wind and solar power on the grid.