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Articles related to electric cars

Browse: Extreme Batteries
Chemical engineers have found a way to make rechargeable batteries with extreme capacity, potentially powering electrical cars to run more than 300 km before needing a recharge.
Browse: Salt Baths Boost Electric Car Batteries
Credit: Francois Poirier/Adobe
conSCIENCE: The Basic Mistake Made by Critics of Electric Vehicles
Arguments that electric vehicles are no “greener” than the electricity they use fail to acknowledge the increasing role of renewables in the energy grid.
Expert Opinion: Labor's 2019 Climate Policy
Opposition Leader Bill Shorten has unveiled Labor's climate change policy — the plan it will use to reach its target of cutting emissions by 45% by 2030, and ensure half of Australia's energy comes from renewable sources by 2050.
Lowe Tech: Electric Cars Are About to Turn the Corner
Will decreasing battery costs finally enable the electric car to take off?
Lowe Tech: The Electric Vehicle Challenge
Installations of solar and wind energy will need to maintain their pace to ensure that the coming demand for electric vehicles won’t be powered by fossil fuels.
Online Feature: Electric cars at blazing-fast speeds
Electric cars can already compete on some racecourses with the world's best petrol-powered cars.
Online Feature: Trial complete: electric vehicles can work in Australia
Perth trial finds few technological barriers to the adoption of electric vehicles in Australia, but government incentives for early adopters and government programs for the roll-out of fast-DC charging stations would help Australia fully embrace these cars.