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Articles related to drugs in sport

Credit: iStockphoto/ogalT
Feature: Cobalt Blues
The spring racing carnival commences this month, but behind the glitz and glamour is a bitter legal case as horse trainers appeal bans for allegedly doping their horses. Dave Sammut examines the effects of cobalt and the science underpinning allowable thresholds.
Feature: The Doping Age
A new study finds that doping in sport has spread to Australian athletes as young as 12 years of age.
Feature: Presumed Guilty
A study of 100 cases of doping in sport has concluded that the system is flawed.
Online Feature: Exposing dopers in sport: is it really worth the cost?
If the achievements of confirmed cheaters and other athletes are similar does it mean the drugs don't work or is everyone cheating?
Online Feature: Frankenfooty: Essendon's mixed bag of supplements
Essendon's players were exposed to worthless or unproven treatments at best, and rank pseudoscience at worst.