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Articles related to driverless cars

Directions: Driverless Cars Will Not Solve Traffic Congestion
Driverless cars are yet another lie we’ve been told about reducing congestion in our cities.
Expert Opinion: Who to kill? The dilemma of driverless cars
Driverless cars hold the promise of safer transport. But how should they react when loss of life appears inevitable? Should a car swerve to miss a pedestrian on the road, even if doing so would kill the passenger?
Expert Opinion: Who to Kill? An Ethical Dilemma for Driverless Cars
A study published in Science has found that people generally approve of autonomous cars that have been programmed to sacrifice their passengers if it will save others, yet these same people aren’t keen to ride in such “utilitarian” vehicles themselves.
Online Feature: We must plan the driverless city to avoid being hostage to the technology revolution