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Articles related to dingoes

Feature: The Diversity of Dingo Diets
From crustaceans to camels, Australia’s top predator dines out on hundreds of vertebrate species, including threatened animals and pests.
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Feature: Does Culling Work?
Culling of pests such as foxes, feral cats and dingoes can have unexpected and completely undesirable effects.
Feature: The World’s Most Interesting Genome
Sequencing of the genome of a pure-bred dingo pup rescued from the side of a remote desert track will enable scientists to examine one of Charles Darwin’s few remaining untested theories.
Credit: Bernard Dupont
Feature: Know Your Enemy
An ingenious experiment has tested whether shared evolutionary history enables bilbies to detect threats from dingoes but not feral cats.
Browse: Dingo Skull Resists Cross-Breeding
conSCIENCE: Australia’s Iconic Top Predator Must Be Protected
Lethal control programs treat dingoes like pests, yet the evidence is mounting that this damages ecosystems by enabling foxes and feral cats to thrive.
Online Feature: Why do some graziers want to retain, not kill, dingoes?
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