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Buzz Aldrin setting up seismic equipment on the Moon in 1969.
Cover Story: Lies, Damn Lies, and Science
Conspiratorial thinking is a major element in the rejection of a broad range of scientific findings, from climate change to tobacco, vaccinations, GM foods and the moon landing. But why?
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Cover Story: Creationism Evolves
It’s 10 years since US legislation drafted to stop the teaching of “intelligent design” was ruled unconstitutional, yet anti-evolution legislation continues to replicate and “evolve” across the USA.
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Feature: Wind Turbine Syndrome: A Classic “Communicated” Disease
Is there any evidence that wind farms cause illness in the community?
Feature: The Psychology of Misinformation
Misinformation affects our reasoning and decision-making. Unfortunately, a number of cognitive factors limit the effectiveness of retractions and refutations, ensuring that misinformation sticks.
The Bitter Pill: Why People Believe Weird Things 101
A new university course is teaching students why normally sensible people believe weird things, and some of the tricks used by pseudoscientific practitioners.
Naked Skeptic: Seven Signs of a Quack
How does an expensive cancer clinic measure up against seven signs of pseudoscience?
Naked Skeptic: What Science Isn’t
Scientific credibility requires more than a white coat, a laboratory and machines that go “ping”.
Naked Skeptic: How Time Flies
What has changed since Peter Bowditch first wrote for this column 10 years ago?
Naked Skeptic: One, Two, Three! What Are We Counting For?
Number abuse is rife in online forums and even science news websites.
Naked Skeptic: University Research Is Losing Its Independence
Universities can no longer be relied upon to allow unconventional voices to be heard – unless there’s sponsorship attached.
Naked Skeptic: Don’t Let Straw Men Give You Hay Fever
Be prepared to face these straw man arguments when arguing with climate change deniers, anti-vaccination advocates and creationists.
Naked Skeptic: Go! Learn Things!
Knowing about science is more important than doing science because it helps you separate sense from nonsense.
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Neuropsy: The Moving Finger Writes, and Tells a Ghost Story
A reduced sense of personal agency persuades Ouija board users to believe in ghostly messages.
Up Close: Show me the data: Sifting pseudoscience from the real thing
In a world with a bewildering mix of fact and fiction, and in which social and mainstream media only add to the confusion, how do we separate out false or dubious claims from the well-founded and evidence-based? Research and clinical psychologist Prof Scott Lilienfeld joins science host Dr Andi Horvath to help us distinguish pseudoscience from the real thing by exploring popular myths that too often make fools of us.
Online Feature: University challenged for giving undeserved credibility to alternative therapies
Some of Australia's most prominent doctors, medical researchers and scientists have put their names to a letter criticising a university's decision to teach an alternative medicine course as if it were science.