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Articles related to courtship

Feature: In the Eye of the Beholder
Beauty is a subjective value, but studies are finding that mate choice is often affected by upbringing, self-esteem and previous experiences in courtship.
Female Lake Eyre dragon lizards will flip over onto their backs to prevent males
Feature: No Honey, Not Tonight: Why and How Female Animals Avoid Sex
So much of our obsession with sex revolves around how to get it, and how often, but the females of many animal species have evolved remarkable adaptations to avoid it. Why?
Body shape accounts for almost 80% of the variance in men’s attractiveness.
Feature: The Masculinity Paradox
Does being “manly” make you a better mate or does it signal undesirable characteristics?
Paris Hilton
Feature: Sex in the Economy
The imprint of the competition for mates and status can be seen in the past and present shape of our economy.
A large female golden orb-web spider
Feature: Along Came a Spider
The comparative size and weight of two animals determines the outcome of 80% of fights. Now a small spider has revealed the physiological factors that help explain the other 20% of contests.
Frogs have to adjust their calls in order to be heard in noisy urban environment
Feature: Sex in a Changing World
Sex isn’t always easy, but it’s becoming a lot more complicated due to human-induced changes to the natural environment.
Browse: The Role of Promiscuous Females in Evolution
A great bowerbird at his bower.
Feature: Masters of Illusion
Male great bowerbirds construct visual illusions that enhance mating success by altering female perception of their displays.
Browse: The Importance of Eye Contact Debunked