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Articles related to cognition

Acheulean handaxe
Feature: The Cutting Edge of Cognition
Modern brain scans are revealing whether Stone Age hominins planned to make specific tools or whether their craftsmanship determined the outcome of their endeavours.
Browse: Psychedelic Microdosing Doesn’t Meet User Expectations
Cover Story: Turn Down the Volume?
Does music help or hinder our concentration and memory?
Browse: Bees Distinguish Works of Art
Bees can recognise the differences between paintings and show some signs of a capacity to generalise by recognising painting styles.
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Neuropsy: An Honest Face
The brain decides whether an unfamiliar face is trustworthy, even before it is consciously perceived.
Quandary: Is Cognitive Enhancement a Problem in Australia?
Just because the non-medical use of cognitive stimulants isn’t common, it doesn’t mean it isn’t a problem.
Up Close: The cost of cognition: The blessing and curse of human brain complexity
Neuroscientist Prof Seth Grant explains how genetics gave rise to the modern human brain, and how the very complexity that characterises our brains makes them vulnerable to neurological diseases that reveal themselves in mental illness.
Up Close: Mind shift: How always-on digital technologies are changing our brains
Neuroscientist Prof Baroness Susan Greenfield examines the scientific bases of how constantly-on digital environments may bring about changes in our brains.