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Articles related to coal seam gas

Browse: Increased Emissions in Coal Seam Gas Fields
Protesters called for no further expansion of coal and coal seam gas.
Feature: Is Coal Seam Gas Polluting Groundwater?
Landholders are adamant that coal seam gas is contaminating their groundwater, but natural geological processes make their accusations difficult to prove. Now science is starting to fill in the cracks.
Directions: What Is the Future of Shale Gas in Australia?
A review by ACOLA has weighed up the risks and rewards of shale gas extraction.
Directions: Unconventional Gas Needs the Right Support and Controls
Unconventional gas faces two issues: its role as an energy source and social acceptance.
Expert Opinion: Gas Drilling Affects Animal Health
US scientists have documented cases of animal health problems they believe have possible links to gas drilling.
Expert Opinion: High Levels of Methane Around Coal Seam Gas Fields
Southern Cross University academics have reported unusually high levels of methane around coal seam gas fields in northern NSW and the Tara gas fields in southern Queensland.
Lowe Tech: Some Spice Added to the Uranium Export Debate
Do Australian uranium exports to India set a precedent for exports to other non-signatories of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty?
Lowe Tech: Coal Seam Gas Expansion Ignores Serious Issues
Coal seam gas extraction is expected to expand despite a cautionary report into the risks.
Lowe Tech: Concern at Emissions and Health Impacts of Coal
The expansion of coal seam gas operations could eventually produce as much greenhouse gas as all the cars on the road in Australia.
Lowe Tech: CSG Regulation Is “Frackmented”
The coal seam gas industry in NSW is arguing against the need for buffer zones, while it’s “open slather” in Queensland.
Simon Says: Tech Gains Outpace Peak Oil
Technological breakthroughs are setting the scene for the fossil fuel era to last longer and stronger.
Online Feature: Environmental effects of fracking unclear
CSIRO scientists have highlighted concerns that chemicals produced by hydraulic fracturing could be affecting ground and surface waters.
Online Feature: CSIRO risks backing the wrong horse as it reacts to budget cuts
What happens to CSIRO when the federal government decides to strip away A$111 million over four years from its A$733 million annual contribution to the organisation’s budget? We are beginning to find out.
Online Feature: Coal seam gas emissions lower than US: first Australian study
A CSIRO study offers the first indication of fugitive emissions from coal seam gas wells under Australian conditions.
Online Feature: Chief Scientist CSG report leaves health concerns unanswered