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Articles related to citizen science

Credit: Stuart Harris
Feature: How to Recruit 23 Million Scientists
Partnerships between scientists and everyday Australians are changing the face of scientific discovery and exploration.
Over a 48-hour period, more than 100,000 citizen scientists generated random num
Feature: Game Over for “Spooky Action” Loophole
More than 100,000 citizen scientists have taken part in the world’s first global quantum physics experiment to test Einstein’s concept of “local realism”.
Cover Story: How You Can Weigh Black Holes
The largest invisible monsters in our universe are hidden at the centres of galaxies, and we can predict how massive they are by the shape of spiral arms in their host galaxies. Here’s how you can take part in a global “citizen science” census of black holes.
Out of this World: Citizen Scientists Needed to Unlock Secrets of Universe
AstroQuest is enlisting citizen scientists to check the data detailing how distant galaxies grow and evolve.