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Articles related to cardiovascular disease

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Browse: Passive Smoking Ages Children’s Arteries
Exposure to passive smoking in childhood causes irreversible damage to the structure of children’s arteries, according to a study published in the European Heart Journal.
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Eureka!: A Piece of String is Better to Check for Body Fat than BMI
Body Mass Index may not be the best measure of obesity and risk of cardiovascular disease.
Expert Opinion: Red Herring for Red Meat Consumption
A nutrient used as a dietary supplement, not fat and cholesterol, is the link between red meat consumption and cardiovascular disease.
Online Feature: New evidence lifts the stakes on the meat vs fish debate
Two recent papers have shed more light on the benefits of fish oils and the reasons why red meat might be bad for you.
Feature: Australian sugary drinks tax could prevent thousands of heart attacks and strokes and save 1600 lives
A 20% rise in the price of soft drinks and flavoured mineral waters would save lives and reduce cardiovascular disease in Australia.