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The Bitter Pill: How Charles Darwin Was Cured by Water
The “water cure” relieved Charles Darwin of periods of nausea, but why didn’t it work at home?
The Bitter Pill: Getting to the Bottom of Colon Cleansing
Colonic cleansing has persisted as an alternative therapy for centuries despite a lack of evidence.
The Bitter Pill: Homeopathy Fails the Test – Again
The National Health and Medical Research Council has found that homeopathy is no better than a placebo. It is one of many such findings around the world, but will it change anything?
The Bitter Pill: Needless Treatment of Pets
The emergence of complementary and alternative medicine in veterinary clinics is a serious threat to animal welfare and the reputation of veterinarians.
The Bitter Pill: A Pharmacist’s View of the “Natural” Route to Health
A growing tendency to sell and even promote alternative remedies and “natural” supplements is putting the reputation of pharmacists at risk, and adding to the burgeoning health costs of the nation.
The Bitter Pill: Everything You’ve Heard about Acupuncture Is Wrong
Acupuncture is often cited as an effective alternative method of treating a range of ailments, but few people are aware of the origins, philosophies and contradictions involved.
The Bitter Pill: Evidence for Acupuncture: What Do Scientific Studies Show?
Advocates of acupuncture claim that it has been proven effective by scientific studies. Critics claim that it is only a placebo. They can’t both be right.
The Bitter Pill: What’s the Evidence, Ms Kardashian?
It is disturbingly common to find celebrities paid to spruik alternative treatments, medicines and practices that science has already shown are ineffective – or worse.
The Bitter Pill: “Alternative” Is Not a Compliment
There is no such thing as “CAM”, only medicine, complementary therapy and scam.
The Bitter Pill: “Integrative Medicine” Has No Place in Universities
With their financial resources under threat, Australia’s universities need to resist the temptation of offering lucrative courses that rebadge complementary therapies as “integrative medicine”.
The Bitter Pill: The Needles Are as Thin as the Evidence
Practitioners of dry-needling swear by it, yet there is no evidence it will relieve your muscular aches and pains.
The Bitter Pill: An EEG Only Scratches the Surface of the Brain
Chiropractors claim that “functional neurology” can treat conditions ranging from epilepsy and Alzheimer’s disease to autism and stroke, but the technology they use isn’t up to the task.
The Bitter Pill: Dodgy Tests and Dodgy Diagnoses
Lax regulation of complementary treatments is allowing alternative laboratories to peddle expensive and useless diagnostic tests.
The Bitter Pill: Australian Chiropractors Manipulate the Evidence
The Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency is dealing with more than 600 complaints about chiropractors. The majority of these cases involve caring practitioners who genuinely believe that their interventions are effective. The problem is their interpretation of evidence.
The Bitter Pill: Anti-Vaccination and CAM Reflect a Common Worldview
A study has explored the psychosocial factors driving anti-vaccination attitudes.
The Bitter Pill: Why Acupuncture Misses the Point
History reveals the sociopolitical factors behind the rise and fall of acupuncture.
The Bitter Pill: US Mandates “No Evidence” Labels for Homeopathic Products
Before advocates of science get too excited, though, a number of caveats may limit its effect.
The Bitter Pill: Prevention or Pretension?
When the great Dutch scholar Erasmus famously wrote that “prevention is better than cure” around 500 years ago, he didn’t exactly have orthomolecular medicine and high colonics in mind.
The Bitter Pill: Functional Medicine: New Name, Old Ideas
An extensive review of integrative medicine by the Australian Ministry of Health found that many of its practices aren’t supported by evidence. Now it’s going by a new name.
The Bitter Pill: Breast Cancer + Alternative Medicine = Lower Survival
The internet allows greater broadcasting of false information about cancer cures, which means that women are treating their breast cancer with alternative therapies known to be the direct cause of preventable deaths.
The Bitter Pill: The MINDD Foundation is Built on Shaky Ground
A forum held at The University of NSW, but not endorsed by it, has highlighted the spurious credibility that university settings give to groups making unsubstantiated health claims.
The Bitter Pill: Does Osteopathy Have Better Scientific Credentials Than Chiropractic?
A continuing misperception exists among healthcare providers: that the origins of osteopathy are less pseudoscientific than its 19th century counterpart, chiropractic.
The Bitter Pill: Reflections on the Unexpected Depth of a Problem
Professor John Dwyer reflects on changes to Australia’s health climate and the continuing influence of complementary and alternative health practices.
The Bitter Pill: CAM Laboratory Tests Fail Two Important Criteria
A study of 11 common laboratory tests ordered by complementary medicine practitioners finds that they lack clinical validity and utility.
Expert Opinion: Should Doctors Recommend Homeopathy?
A debate in the British Medical Journal has argued about whether the report into the evidence for homeopathy by Australia’s NHMRC omitted key pieces of evidence.
Naked Skeptic: What You See Might Not Be What You Get
DNA barcoding has revealed considerable product substitution in herbal remedies.
Naked Skeptic: The Best Research Money Can Buy
Why is Swisse funding research into the effectiveness of its vitamins when the TGA requires it to have such evidence prior to their listing?
Naked Skeptic: University Research Is Losing Its Independence
Universities can no longer be relied upon to allow unconventional voices to be heard – unless there’s sponsorship attached.
Naked Skeptic: Put the Lyme in the Quackonut
There is little evidence that chiropractors are willing to reform their practices.
Naked Skeptic: Why Did the Dog Go “Quack”?
People who reject evidence-based medicine also subject their pets to veterinary quackery.
Naked Skeptic: Foxes and Henhouses
Parliament is considering legislation that will give the complementary medicine industry more freedom to make deceptive claims.
Publish or Perish: A Scientist in Wonderland
A review of Edzard Ernst's autobiography.
Quandary: When Do We Become Autonomous?
It’s more important for a child to live to become an autonomous adult than to die to defend her mother’s prejudices against medicine.
Online Feature: No evidence homeopathy is effective: NHMRC review
An NHMRC review concludes that there is no reliable evidence that homeopathy is effective.