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Articles related to breast cancer

Browse: Breast Cancer Starved by Meat and Dairy Nutrient Browse: Less Chemotherapy for Some Breast Cancers
A new combination of chemotherapy and radiotherapy has had 100% success in stopping the spread of a particularly aggressive form of breast cancer in mice.
Browse: Epigenetic Signatures Predict Breast Cancer Aggression
Feature: The Breast Exposed
Why is the breast so prone to cancer?
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Cannabis risk in pregnancy, IVF risks for multiple embryos, early birth better for twins and more.
Browse: New Breast Cancer Gene Associations Found
The Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre has discovered two genes with variations associated with an increased risk of breast cancer.
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Browse: pH Probe Enables More Precise Breast Cancer Surgery The Bitter Pill: Breast Cancer + Alternative Medicine = Lower Survival
The internet allows greater broadcasting of false information about cancer cures, which means that women are treating their breast cancer with alternative therapies known to be the direct cause of preventable deaths.
Expert Opinion: Court Upholds Patent for Breast Cancer Gene
A landmark decision by the Federal Court has upheld the validity of patents on the breast cancer genes BRCA1 and BRCA2, with Cancer Voices Australia and cancer survivor Yvonne D’arcy losing their case against US-based Myriad Genetics Inc and Melbourne-based Genetic Technologies.
Online Feature: Top US court blocks patents on breast cancer genes
All nine members of the US Supreme Court have ruled that isolated genetic material cannot be patented – unless the material is markedly different to what exists in nature.
Online Feature: Four things you should know about gene patents
The Federal Court’s decision that gene patenting is permitted in Australia will have ramifications for all gene patents, even though the case involved only one gene associated with breast cancer.