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Browse: Hair Samples Reveal the Effects of Ecstasy Use Browse: Prefetching to Overcome the Netflix Effect
Browse: A Smart Cane for the Blind Browse: Drone Soars Like a Bird
RMIT University researchers are developing bio-inspired unmanned aircraft that soar like birds, boosting their energy efficiency and endurance.
Browse: Less Lube Required Browse: Helium Shortage Threatens Medical Procedures
CSIRO and Macquarie University have launched a helium recycling system in time to keep vital medical technology operating in the face of a crisis.
Browse: Smartphones as Microscopes Browse: Robots May Need Lizard-Like Tails for Off-Road Travel
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Feature: Patently Mad About Patents
Recent changes in the US patent system have been promoted as a boon to the US economy, but are the benefits of these changes universal?
A lake in the moraine wall of Jichu Drake glacial lake.
Feature: How Yak Farmers Can Hold Back a Glacial Tsunami
As Himalayan glaciers melt, the natural dams formed beneath them become a dangerous threat to villages below. However, local yak farmers could soon have a simple solution.
Feature: The Data Detective
Michael Aitken made his name developing software to detect stockmarket fraud, and now believes he can save the health sector $20 billion by detecting fraud and waste.
Credit: ugurv/Adobe
Feature: Magnetic Particles Make Wine Fine
Magnetic polymers have been applied to winemaking to demonstrate their potential as a treatment to remove off-flavours. How does it work and what is the effect?
Browse: Smart Seat Rescues Kids Left in Cars Browse: Bionic Bra Brought to Life
Browse: Body Shape ID Compares with a Fingerprint conSCIENCE: A Critical Juncture for Intellectual Property
Efforts to establish a global IP authority have provoked debate over where intellectual property becomes theft and piracy becomes community action.
conSCIENCE: Bridging the Divide between Academia and Industry
The Science Next Collaborative is helping early- and mid-career researchers to make the leap from research to commercialisation.
Directions: Boosting Our Innovation Dividend
It’s time for urgent action to drive productivity and prosperity.
Directions: Let’s Get Positive about Innovation
Recognition and acceptance that we will fail from time to time is a necessary part of belief that we can succeed.
Directions: Open Innovation: Work With Your Competitors
Clients, customers, buyers and competitors are innovation sources second only in importance to internal employees.
Directions: The Pace of Technology
The common impression of an increase in technology has been due to the sheer volume of new technologies released, but now the pace of the technology life cycle is about to catch up.
Directions: Design Network a Move in the Right Direction
Design thinking can help Australia change its approach to innovation.
Directions: Two Billion More Reasons to Collaborate
With global population expected to grow by two billion, even greater collaboration between researchers and business will be needed to satisfy the world’s food, energy and other needs.
Directions: Heal our Commercialisation Gap
Collaboration, industry links, secondments, metrics and tax can all help to take R&D to market.
Directions: Vision for a Science Nation Opens the Door to Our Future
We need to develop an overarching vision for innovation in Australia.
Directions: Additive Manufacturing: Collaboration Trumps Complexity
Subsidies are required to provide industry-wide access to additive manufacturing technologies.
Directions: Driverless Cars Will Not Solve Traffic Congestion
Driverless cars are yet another lie we’ve been told about reducing congestion in our cities.
Eureka!: Robo-Roach Rescue
A microelectronic controller could soon make cockroaches useful in dangerous search-and-rescue and reconnaissance missions.
Lowe Tech: The Impact of Technology
The government has abdicated its responsibility to assess the broad economic effects of new technologies.
Publish or Perish: Imagining the Future: Invisibility, Immortality and 40 Other Incredible Ideas
Quandary: The Wild West of Biotech Innovation
The failure of a US$9 billion health technology start-up provides a stark example of how venture capitalists can let market potential overrule evidence of efficacy.
Simon Says: Two Tales from the City
The Nobel Laureate and the Minister choose different drinks at the Australian Innovation Bar.
Simon Says: Generation Breakthrough
The latest take on innovation policy actually offers something new.
Up Close: Disciples of the interdisciplinary: Researchers crossing boundaries to unleash creativity
Neuroscientist and science communicator Dr Daniel Glaser discusses the synergistic dividends that arise from research efforts that cross traditional research domains.
Up Close: Thought Controlled Futures
We talk to the people behind revolutionary technologies enabling people to control movement and manipulate objects using their thoughts alone. In particular, we take a look at the stentrode, a metal scaffold implanted in a blood vessel, that allows brain activity to be recorded and commands generated to control a full-body exoskeleton.
Odd Spot: Art of Time
Seiko creates a Rube Goldberg machine to build one of its watches in this fantastic video.
Online Feature: Top US court blocks patents on breast cancer genes
All nine members of the US Supreme Court have ruled that isolated genetic material cannot be patented – unless the material is markedly different to what exists in nature.
Online Feature: At the bottom of the top, Australia and the 2013 Global Innovation Index
The Global Innovation Index (GII) for 2013 has recently been published and once again Australia finds it is at the bottom of the top.
Online Feature: Helium rationing, a looming crisis – and a sinking feeling
With helium demand rapidly outpacing supply and rationing inevitable, Macquarie University has launched a helium recovery system.
Online Feature: Four things you should know about gene patents
The Federal Court’s decision that gene patenting is permitted in Australia will have ramifications for all gene patents, even though the case involved only one gene associated with breast cancer.
Online Feature: The disruptive technologies that will shape business in the years ahead Online Feature: Expert culture has killed the innovator in workplaces