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Kilwa coins
Feature: The Ancient African Coins of Arnhem Land
Indigenous knowledge is informing a scientific expedition that hopes to uncover the origins of medieval African coins that may have been left in Arnhem Land hundreds of years before the arrival of Cook.
Browse: DNA Reveals How Plague Spread
DNA fragments from 1500-year-old teeth have revealed that two of the world’s most devastating plagues were caused by distinct versions of the same bacteria.
Feature: The Stem Cell “Sell”
The unfettered commercial environment that has allowed stem cell tourism to flourish must be challenged, and the professionals who enable it should be held to account.
The Baxter/ Kelly skull
Cover Story: Final Resting Place of an Outlaw
Archaeological and forensic detective work led to the remains of Ned Kelly, one of Australia’s most celebrated, reviled and polarising historical figures.
Two Tasmanian tigers in Hobart Zoo prior to 1921. Photographer unknown.
Feature: The Thylacine Myth
A new study of the biomechanics of the Tasmanian tiger’s skull debunks the hysteria behind the campaign that led to its extinction.
Feature: Pride, Prejudice and Persistence
It took two decades for William Paterson to persuade his patron Sir Joseph Banks to recognise his achievements through membership of the Royal Society.
Browse: Aussie Diets Fail The Test The Bitter Pill: Darwin’s Diagnoses
The father of modern biology suffered much at the hands of alternative medical practitioners.
Naked Skeptic: Darwin’s Aussie Epiphany
Long before he struck upon his theory of natural selection, Charles Darwin experienced a revelation while exploring the Blue Mountains.
Naked Skeptic: A Brief History of Some Science
Science has brought public health a long way since the voyages that led to Australia’s discovery and settlement were ravaged by disease. Why, then, do some people want to turn back?
reminiSCIENCE: Immersed in Chemistry
Arguably Australia’s most internationally experienced and prominent chemistry researcher, Professor John White continues to produce original research long after normal retirement age, and he is, unshakeably, a committed Christian.
Odd Spot: The Greatest Archaeological Discoveries Of All Time
Over the centuries there have been some amazing archaeological discoveries. Let's take a look at the greatest ones.
Online Feature: Historical treasures in a modern pest: the Black Rat story
The genome of the Black Rat will provide a clearer picture of its role in spreading disease, and will help policymakers prepare for possible outbreaks in the future.