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Articles related to brain training

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Cover Story: The Emerging Potential of Video Games
A growing body of research is finding that video games stimulate the brain, but are the skills acquired transferable and is violence in games really an issue?
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Feature: Generation Multi
As technology continues to become more richly embedded in our daily lives, so too comes the increased demand and temptation to multitask. But can we improve our ability to do two things at once?
Feature: Brain Training: Show Me the Evidence!
Many computer-based brain-training programs promise to improve cognitive capacity and delay age-related issues such as Alzheimer’s disease, but how credible is the evidence behind these claims?
Neuropsy: How Strong Is the Evidence for Brain Training Programs?
The quality of research supporting brain training programs has been questioned.
Notice Board: HEALTH STUDY - Are brain training games effective?
PLay online games to help researchers determine the effectiveness of brain training programs.