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Articles related to autism

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Feature: Autism Genes Exist in Us All
A new study has found that genetic factors underlying autism are present in everyone and are influencing our behaviour.
Browse: No Link between Vaccines and Autism
Oxytocin is the molecule that helps a mother bond with her baby
Feature: The Myth of the Love Hormone
There is a molecule intimately involved in your sex life. However, its effects are not as straightforward as some would make you think.
Feature: Hormone Linked to Male Bias in Autism
Anti-Müllerian hormone affects the rate of development of boys, leading to a male bias in autism spectrum disorders.
Feature: The Role of Gut Microbes in Autism
Gut microbes can modify our mood and even change our behaviour. They’ve now been implicated in a neuronal mutation found in the gut and brain of autistic patients.
Browse: Wasp Gene Link to Autism, Schizophrenia
Genes believed to be implicated in autism and schizophrenia have been found in the sequencing of the genome of three species of parasitic wasp, indicating they are extraordinarily ancient and essential for animal survival.
Browse: Tablets Aid Autistic Communication
Most non-verbal autistic children prefer to use tablet computers to communicate rather than sign language or picture cards, according to research in New Zealand.
Cool Careers: Early Autism Diagnosis
Josie Barbaro has pioneered a new method of autism diagnosis, and many children are already reaping the benefits.
Naked Skeptic: Vaxxed Spreads Like a Plague
The anti-vaccination movement has employed dishonest tactics to ensure the public screening of Vaxxed in Australia.
Up Close: It's alimentary: The brain, the gut’s nervous system, and links to autism
Neuroscientist Dr Elisha Hill and Gastroenterologist Dr Kent Williams discuss the complex interactions between our brain and neurons found in the gut, and consider the over-representation of gastrointestinal disorders in children with autism.
Up Close: Beyond exceptional: What makes a child prodigy?
Psychology researcher Dr Joanne Ruthsatz talks about the personality traits that set child prodigies apart from other children.
Up Close: Screening along the spectrum: The search for a genetic test for autism
Neuropsychiatrist Prof Chris Pantelis and neural engineering researcher Prof Stan Skafidas discuss the potential for the use of genetics to improve the diagnosis of autism.
Online Feature: No link between mercury exposure and autism-like behaviours
Pre-natal mercury exposure from fish consumption eliminated as cause of later autism-like behaviours.
Online Feature: Gluten- and casein-free diet makes a meal of autism science