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Articles related to artificial intelligence

Browse: Artificial Intelligence Runs Physics Experiment
Feature: The Wild West of Robot Law
Robots remain a law unto themselves, with legal frontiers including issues such as liability, copyright and even the taxing of robots much like the human workers they are replacing.
Cover Story: The Moral Machine
How can we program autonomous vehicles to make life-or-death decisions when our own moral values vary according to factors such as age, gender, socioeconomic status and culture?
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Feature: Can We Program Safe AI?
Tomorrow’s software will compute with meaning and be much more autonomous. But a thought experiment with a chess robot shows that we will also need to carefully include human values.
Directions: Risky Bias in Artificial Intelligence
Machine learning is intrinsically biased, but what can be done about it?
Expert Opinion: Who to kill? The dilemma of driverless cars
Driverless cars hold the promise of safer transport. But how should they react when loss of life appears inevitable? Should a car swerve to miss a pedestrian on the road, even if doing so would kill the passenger?
Quandary: What If Computers Have Feelings, Too?
If software becomes intelligent, what are the ethics of creating, modifying and deleting it from our hard drives?
Quandary: Global Catastrophic Risk
A report calculates that we’re more likely to die in an extinction event than in a car crash.
Quandary: Masters or Slaves of AI?
If neural lacing enables our brains to be networked, we could easily be hacked or become the tools of Google or government.
Up Front: AI Faces Its Manhattan Project Moment
Researchers are boycotting a major university that is opening an autonomous weapons lab in collaboration with an arms company.
Online Feature: Smart bots out-game human hunters
Increasingly, those who venture into any computer-driven environment will experience a diminishing ability to tell if they are dealing with another human being, or with an artifice constructed from machine code.
Online Feature: The disruptive technologies that will shape business in the years ahead