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New program invites citizen science on the cosmos

By Curtin University

Public can take part in meteorite research.

A $145,000 Inspiring Australia – Unlocking Australia's Potential grant will allow the general public to get involved with Curtin University’s most ambitious meteorite project.

Volunteering opportunity in the Daintree

By Earthwatch

‘Blue forests’ the key to species survival on the Great Barrier Reef

Australians are leading global efforts to protect ‘blue forests’ – mangroves that survive in the salty waters fringing the sea.

Manta rays, turtles and sharks are just some of the iconic species that rely on blue forests as habitat and nurseries for their young.

Earthwatch and James Cook University are calling for volunteers to assist scientists in assessing the health of blue forests in the World Heritage Daintree region.

Voluntouring Opportunity

By Jan Barrie

An opportunity to help golden bandicoots in north-western WA in May.

In a new ‘voluntourism’ initiative between government and private enterprise, the Department of Environment and Conservation (DEC) and tour operator Global Gypsies are offering environmentally conscious holiday-makers the opportunity to assist DEC with its fauna research and monitoring projects while enjoying escorted and catered 4WD outback tours.

Researchers seek people who have been aware during anaesthesia


Researchers are seeking people who have been aware during anaesthesia to investigate whether there could be a genetic link to this uncommon experience.

Awareness is a rare but sometimes distressing complication of general anaesthesia, occuring in about one in 1000 operations.

Patients who experience awareness may recall sounds or conversations, or report feeling the operation, during a time when they were supposed to be unconscious. They may feel afraid and helpless during the episode, and even suffer from psychological problems as a result.

Volunteer divers needed to survey Great Barrier Reef coral and help assess climate change impacts

By Earthwatch

Research will review how the reef is recovering from recent cyclones and how such extreme physical stress on the reef systems influence coral disease outbreaks.

One of the Great Barrier Reef's most spectacular and diverse marine habitats, the fringing reef surrounding Orpheus Island, is at risk from rising sea temperatures.

Earthwatch Australia has developed a new research project ‘Recovery of the Reef’ together with the Australian Institute of Marine Science and is calling on volunteer divers to work with scientists to assess the growing prevalence of coral disease on this landmark site.