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Articles related to antibiotic resistance

Browse: Microbe Is Just One Gene from Multi-drug Resistance
A University of Queensland study has tracked a potentially devastating E. coli strain that is only one gene away from being resistant to almost all anti­biotics.
Feature: Herbicides Can Induce Antibiotic Resistance
The overuse of antibiotics has led to a dramatic rise in the number of untreatable infections. To make matters worse, other chemicals like weed-killers can reduce the susceptibility of bacteria to antibiotics.
Browse: Resistant Bacteria Rising Rapidly Browse: Polymer Stars Trump Antibiotic Resistance
Browse: New Antibiotic Class Targets Multidrug-Resistant Bacteria
The Davis Station wastewater outfall. Photo: J. Stark
Feature: Sewage in Antarctica: A Drop in a Frozen Ocean?
Human activities are impacting Anatarctica’s once-pristine environment, with evidence of antibiotic resistance genes and sewage-related contaminants entering its food chain.
Clusters of the bacterium Staphylococcus aureus protected by a biofilm.
Feature: A Trojan Horse to Clear a Stuffy Nose
Antibiotic resistance is expected to kill more people than cancer and diabetes combined, but a new approach aims to penetrate the biofilms that protect bacteria from antibiotics.
Browse: Antibiotic Resistance in Wallabies
Brushtail rock wallabies bred in captivity carry antibiotic-resistant bacteria in their guts while their wild counterparts do not, a study in PLOS One has revealed.
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Browse: Blocked Bacteria Protects Against Stomach Cancer Browse: Snake Peptide Puts the Bite on Superbugs
Eureka!: It’s Not How Big It Is, Is It?
A review has determined the average penis length in men, while those with erectile dysfunction may benefit from a treatment using a by-product of liposuction. Meanwhile, there is a link between corruption and antibiotic resistance.
Quandary: Antibiotics: Which Lives Matter?
Resistance to antibiotics is growing. Are you prepared to go without them to save the lives of future generations?
Up Close: Germ warfare: Young researchers seeking answers to diverse microbe threats
Two young science researchers discuss their investigations of microbes that threaten, respectively, human health and our food supply. We chat with Claire Gorrie about aspects of the drug-resistant bacterium Klebsiella pneumoniae, and how it's implicated in serious infections. And Rebecca Vandegeer tells us how the Barley Yellow Dwarf virus strips our wheat crops of their defences, posing a threat to food security.
Issues: Superbug Resistance to Antimicrobial Nanosilver
A group of widely-occurring bacteria has been able to overcome the antimicrobial activity of nanosilver upon prolonged exposure.
Online Feature: Are doctors to blame for superbugs?
Who is to blame re the mess we are in regarding antibiotic-resistant superbugs? Doctors, livestock farming, airlines, drug companies, nursing homes, or a mixture of them all?