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Articles related to ancient DNA

Browse: The Origins of Vanuatu and Tonga’s First People
Credit: Menna Jones
Feature: The Devil Is in the DNA
DNA analysis reveals that Tasmanian devils survived a major population decline thousands of years ago, leaving them with low genetic diversity to withstand devil facial tumour disease.
Browse: Ancient DNA shows perfect storm felled Ice Age giants
Credit: Camilo Maranchón García /123RF
Cover Story: Neandertal Life Reconstructed One Bacterium at a Time
Fossilised dental calculus is revealing that Neandertals weren’t the oafish brutes we’ve long considered them to be.
Photo: Ruth Arcus
Feature: Enzyme Evolution Reveals Earth’s Inhospitable Past
The reconstruction of a one-billion-year-old enzyme paints a picture of a hot and hostile past.
Credit: Rodrigo Hamede, School of Zoology, University of Tasmania
Feature: Devil Is in the DNA
Ancient DNA is helping shed light on why the Tasmanian devil is being driven to extinction.
Browse: Wren DNA Reshapes NZ Geological Theory Cool Careers: DNA Survives the Heat
Ancient DNA in the Pilbara may give us unprecedented insights into past climate.