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Browse: Herbal Medicine’s Hidden Risks Pose a Threat to Health Browse: Australia Targeted by Under-regulated Stem Cell Clinics
Browse: A Toxic Risk for Asian Medicine The Bitter Pill: A Dose of Science
Alternative health practices pirate the terminology and titles of real science to gain credibility, but it is what their practitioners do, not what they say, that gives the game away.
The Bitter Pill: Eye of Newt and Toe of Frog
Modern pharmacology is among the most rigorous of sciences. After all, the health of millions depends on pharmacologists getting it right, but what has happened to those who dispense those products – the men and woman of modern pharmacy?
The Bitter Pill: Darwin’s Diagnoses
The father of modern biology suffered much at the hands of alternative medical practitioners.
The Bitter Pill: What’s the Evidence, Ms Kardashian?
It is disturbingly common to find celebrities paid to spruik alternative treatments, medicines and practices that science has already shown are ineffective – or worse.
The Bitter Pill: An EEG Only Scratches the Surface of the Brain
Chiropractors claim that “functional neurology” can treat conditions ranging from epilepsy and Alzheimer’s disease to autism and stroke, but the technology they use isn’t up to the task.
The Bitter Pill: Australian Chiropractors Manipulate the Evidence
The Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency is dealing with more than 600 complaints about chiropractors. The majority of these cases involve caring practitioners who genuinely believe that their interventions are effective. The problem is their interpretation of evidence.
The Bitter Pill: Anti-Vaccination and CAM Reflect a Common Worldview
A study has explored the psychosocial factors driving anti-vaccination attitudes.
The Bitter Pill: TGA Endorses Pseudoscience for Complementary Meds
We are about to be exposed to hundreds of approved “remedies” that are ineffective at best and potentially dangerous.
The Bitter Pill: Breast Cancer + Alternative Medicine = Lower Survival
The internet allows greater broadcasting of false information about cancer cures, which means that women are treating their breast cancer with alternative therapies known to be the direct cause of preventable deaths.
The Bitter Pill: What Is the Point of Veterinary Acupuncture?
While some misguided people try ineffective “therapies”, at least they can seek out other treatments if they don’t work. Not so the hapless pet.
Naked Skeptic: What You See Might Not Be What You Get
DNA barcoding has revealed considerable product substitution in herbal remedies.
Naked Skeptic: Why Did the Dog Go “Quack”?
People who reject evidence-based medicine also subject their pets to veterinary quackery.
Online Feature: University challenged for giving undeserved credibility to alternative therapies
Some of Australia's most prominent doctors, medical researchers and scientists have put their names to a letter criticising a university's decision to teach an alternative medicine course as if it were science.
Online Feature: Frankenfooty: Essendon's mixed bag of supplements
Essendon's players were exposed to worthless or unproven treatments at best, and rank pseudoscience at worst.