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Articles related to ageing

Browse: Inconsistent Reaction Time Predicts Mortality
Feature: A Fine Balance for Dementia Drugs
Since too much or too little of a key protein expressed in the brain can accelerate brain ageing, drugs developed to regulate its levels face a fine balancing act.
Browse: Age-Reversing Metabolite Interests Mars Mission Browse: DNA Repair Gene’s Role in Acute Myeloid Leukaemia
Feature: Are Green Tea and Berries the Answer to a Ripe Old Age?
Polyphenols found in plant-based foods may be all we need to live longer.
Browse: Olympians Live Longer
Olympic medallists lead longer lives than their countrymen, according to a study published in the British Medical Journal.
The Fit: Death on the Instalment Plan
How much does watching TV, having a beer or walking to work alter your life expectancy?
The Fit: When Can Weight Loss Be Dangerous?
Unless they are extremely obese to start with, people who lose weight die younger.
The Fit: Retirement Time
Retirement is fun, but is it because you do what you like or because you like what you do?
The Fit: The Rich Get Healthier
We’re getting healthier and living longer, but the rich more than the poor.
Quandary: Molecular Life Extension
Alongside the question of whether we can treat ageing is the question of whether we should.
Up Close: Ageing's all the rage: The science behind growing old
In a wide ranging discussion on ageing, Professor Dame Linda Partridge delves into the research findings on longevity in humans and animals, and ponders evolutionary perspectives on the ageing process. Presented by Dr Shane Huntington.
Up Close: Antagonise your ageing: The science behind living healthier for longer
Geriatrician Professor Andrea Maier describes what happens to our cells as we age, and explains the causes of age-related diseases. She also discusses how positive lifestyle choices and preventive medical interventions can help us live healthier for longer.
Up Close: What's killing women? Sex disparity and the shifting landscape of age-related disease
Population health researcher Professor Cassandra Szoeke outlines what ails women as they grow older, how men differ from women in age-related diseases, and how public awareness and personal lifestyle change have been shown to have a positive impact on women's quality of life in their later years.
Online Feature: Early failure a key to turning back the clock
Fitness among the elderly is improved by a high-resistance circuit training program with fewer but more demanding repetitions at each station.
Online Feature: Surprising diversity in ageing revealed in nature
Not all species weaken and become more likely to die as they age.
Online Feature: How 3D food printers could improve mealtimes for people with swallowing disorders Browse: Old human cells rejuvenated