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Articles related to 3D printing

Inkjet printers can already print living cells.
Feature: Organs by Inkjet
The development of a new biological ink takes us one step closer to the goal of printing living cells in three dimensions to create whole organs.
Credit: Ugreen/iStockphoto
Feature: Bioprinting of Human Organs
While bioprinting of living tissue has been possible for some time, the creation of functional organs has been limited by the ability to vascularise these tissues – until now.
Feature: The Criminal Underbelly of 3D Printing
While 3D printing promises to revolutionise manufacturing and biomedicine, it also stands to benefit criminals through the printing of guns, drugs and counterfeit goods.
Browse: 3D-Printed Kidney Helps Drug Trials
Browse: Cancer Patient Receives 3D-Printed Ribs Directions: 3D Printing of Bone
Hospitals are establishing 3D printing facilities that will make patient-specific bone tissue substitutes widely available.
Up Close: Watts fit to print: Developing flexible, organic solar cells
Polymer chemist Dr David Jones and materials scientist Dr Scott Watkins discuss the latest in flexible electronics -- the printable organic solar cell.
Online Feature: The disruptive technologies that will shape business in the years ahead
Online Feature: How 3D food printers could improve mealtimes for people with swallowing disorders