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Retaining the Lead in Solar Cell Technology

By Stuart Wenham

Australia must embrace change to realise its advantage in solar photovoltaics.

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Australian research and education have figured prominently in the development and commercialisation of solar photovoltaic (PV) technology and the establishment and operation of many of the world’s largest PV manufacturing companies. This is due in part to Australia’s long-term international leadership in researching and developing some of the highest-efficiency solar cell technologies in the world, offering PV engineering education and training opportunities, and pioneering PV applications for remote telecommunications and residential use.

Australia, with its abundance of sunshine, is particularly well-placed to capitalise on the benefits of using PV. The modularity of PV makes it well-suited to electricity provision for Australia’s geographically distributed populations from remote locations to urban centres.

Australia is well-positioned to lead and benefit from enhanced uptake of PV technologies. It has decades of knowledge and experience in the development of new PV and balance-of-system technologies, research, education and deployment. There is little doubt that PV has massive potential for growth here.

To date, grid-connected PV uptake in Australia has focused on the relatively small-scale residential rooftop market. But there is a significant, cost-effective and largely untapped market in medium- and large-scale PV systems to supply commercial...

The full text of this article can be purchased from Informit.