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Clean Energy Clean Bowled

By Ian Lowe

The Abbott government has placed the Clean Energy Finance Corporation in a Catch-22 situation.

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We seem to be in a parallel universe where science is being replaced by superstition. While the Australian government is trying to undermine the move toward renewable energy technologies in various ways and pandering to pseudoscience by spending tax dollars on a wind energy commissioner, I was asked by the ABC to defend wi-fi systems against claims they cause health problems!

The government is behaving like a hostage to the coal industry as it openly supports proposed new mines despite criticism even by conservative voices. Financial institutions are openly sceptical about the economic prospects of Adani Mining’s proposed Carmichael mine in Queensland’s Galilee Basin, yet the government is determined to expand the Abbott Point coal-loading facility to try to salvage the project. Local farmers and even Agriculture Minister Barnaby Joyce have described the proposal for a large open-cut coal mine in the black-soil Liverpool Plains area as mad, but Environment Minister Greg Hunt has waved it through, claiming it will have to meet “strict conditions”. Satirical blog The Shovel suggested that Hunt would ensure there would be no “unsightly” wind turbines allowed on the site!

That crack was sparked when the government stepped up its campaign against clean energy. The Prime Minister apologised to radio shock-jock Alan Jones for only cutting the renewable energy target...

The full text of this article can be purchased from Informit.