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Climate Change Authority Report “Untrue and Dangerous”


The Climate Change Authority has called for the introduction of an emissions trading scheme, but two members of its board, David Karoly and Clive Hamilton, have since issued a dissenting minority report calling for stronger measures to reduce emissions.

The full text of this article can be purchased from Informit.

“Karoly and Hamilton point out that the Climate Change Authority’s report is inconsistent with Australia’s international obligations. In 2014, the Climate Change Authority recommended a carbon budget through to 2050. The new report rapidly blows our carbon budget. By accepting the current government’s targets for greenhouse gas emission cuts, it creates a crunch point for emissions reduction in 2030 that we can’t possibly achieve. The new CCA report is contradictory with the Authority’s 2014 report and with Australia’s role in keeping global warming below 2°C.”

Dr Sophie Lews is a Research Fellow in the Research School of Earth Sciences at The Australian National University.

“Professors Karoly and Hamilton should be applauded for their courageous stance. Their minority report highlights the discrepancy between the CC Authority’s plan and what is required to ensure Australia cuts emissions as quickly as possible. However, the current political impasse is unlikely to be resolved with partisan objections based on the science alone.

Therefore, it would be good to see them place even greater emphasis on the socio-economic potential and benefits of renewable energy generation in Australia. This tactic would undermine the Turnbull government’s existing rhetoric by demonstrating how the goals of research, innovation, jobs and growth can be...

The full text of this article can be purchased from Informit.