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Antagonise your ageing: The science behind living healthier for longer

By Andi Horvath

Geriatrician Professor Andrea Maier describes what happens to our cells as we age, and explains the causes of age-related diseases. She also discusses how positive lifestyle choices and preventive medical interventions can help us live healthier for longer.

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I’m Dr Andi Horvath. Thanks for joining us. Today we’re bringing you Up Close to our ageing bodies and the connection with molecular activity in our cells. Life expectancy is now longer for both women and men. Plus more of us are living longer well into the retirement years. But the extra years mean many of us are living with age-related disease and disability. Managing this growing demographic poses real challenges for a nation’s healthcare system. Whilst prevention is essential and preferred, there is also a need for future interventions for improving age-related health issues, that is, improving the human health span. A detailed understanding of the hallmarks of ageing at the levels of the genetic and molecular activity in our cells that affect the tissues of organs that make up the various functional systems in our body has to be the key. Here to take us on a journey into the cells of our bodies and talk about the possibilities for a future of ageing well is Andrea Maier, Professor of Gerontology at the University of Melbourne and Divisional Director of Medicine and Community Care at the Royal Melbourne Hospital. She is an internationally recognised expert and has worked with...

The full text of this article can be purchased from Informit.