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New Theory to Explain “Alien Probe” Asteroid

By David Reneke

A new theory explains the true identity of an “alien probe” asteroid, and the development of Australia’s first space telescope is underway.

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When is a mystery not a mystery? When the explanations for it reach absurd levels and common sense flies out the window. If there’s one story that left astronomers truly scratching their heads in 2018, it had to be the mysterious interstellar visitor known as Oumuamua.

The odd cigar-shaped object flew through our solar system in late 2017, and researchers spent much of last year just trying to figure out what it was. Theories are many, and scientists have suggested the usual suspects including a comet or asteroid, as well as more “way out” possibilities like an alien ship or probe. Now veteran astronomer Zdenek Sekanina, a seasoned skywatcher with a long and successful track record, is offering an entirely new theory, and he thinks he might have the evidence to back it up.

Early speculation centred around Oumuamua being solid like a rock, a chunk of ice, or a mixture of the two. Drawing a long bow, others proposed a silent alien probe scanning the solar system and reporting back to its makers elsewhere.

Rather than a solid rock or chunk of debris, Sekanina explains that Oumuamua might be “a monstrous fluffy dust aggregate released via a recent explosive event”. The cloud of dust, swirling and spinning as it travels through space, would account for some of the more peculiar characteristics observed by astronomers.

One thing that researchers...

The full text of this article can be purchased from Informit.