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Fossil fuel growth centre harks back to old ideas about climate costs

By Ben Parr

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On Wednesday, the minister for industry, innovation and science, Christopher Pyne, launched a new “growth centre” for Australia’s fossil fuel industry (and uranium), to be known as National Energy Resources Australia. The government will invest A$15.4 million over four years in the centre, which seeks to make coal and gas firms operating in Australia more competitive with fossil fuel firms operating overseas.

Pyne said the fossil fuel growth centre will help facilitate innovative and collaborative research projects between the CSIRO, university researchers and the fossil fuel energy sector. His enthusiasm for this type of tripartite research venture to aid industry ends is significantly compatible with the view held by CSIRO chief executive Larry Marshall.

Competition in climate policy

Securing the international competitiveness of Australia’s fossil fuel sector has been a bipartisan convention since Bob Hawke’s Labor government. Take, for example, the recently released...

The full text of this article can be purchased from Informit.