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National Press Club address: Suzanne Cory

By Suzanne Cory

The full text of a speech by Suzanne Cory, President of the Australian Academy of Science.

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This privileged nation enjoys a rich science and innovation heritage, a heritage that has improved our lives and driven new industries.

Through science we can find the solutions to the most pressing problems that we face. Through science we can go to the unplumbed depths of our oceans and out through our solar system and beyond. Through science we can make discoveries that change the course of humanity.

Science and technology are not just the preserve of researchers – they are an important part of all our lives, every day.

As our Nobel laureate Peter Doherty recently wrote (and I paraphrase): ‘science is everywhere… science isn’t a niche topic. The kid on the computer is involving himself in science every time the laptop goes on. So is his mum, using an e-tag to travel home from work on the tollway.’

Probably every single thing you’ve done today has depended on science: the alarm clock or smartphone that woke you; the appliances you used to make your breakfast; the shape of your toothbrush and the constitution of your toothpaste; the conditioned air you’re breathing; your ability to watch this speech in your home or office anywhere on the planet.

Science is such an integral part of our daily lives that we hardly give it a second thought – and it is in grave danger of being taken for granted.

We are rightly proud that Australians...

The full text of this article can be purchased from Informit.