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Articles related to water

Browse: Fresh Water Lies under the Sea
Vast quantities of fresh water have been found underneath the oceans, possibly providing a cheaper and more environmentally friendly alternative to desalination for thirsty cities.
Browse: Nanotube Solution to Portable Water Purification
Clean water for the 780 million people who don’t have it is a step closer following the publication in Nature Communications of work on plasma-treated carbon nanotubes as filtration devices.
Browse: Portable Solar Desal for Remote Communities conSCIENCE: Science Is Sinking in the Murray–Darling Basin
Applied research suffers cuts while science loses farmers’ trust.
conSCIENCE: Shifting the Watermarks
The draft Murray-Darling Basin Plan is confused at best and deceptive at worst.
conSCIENCE: Are We Ready for the Next Drought?
After two La Niña summers, our level of concern about water security is inversely proportional to the water levels in our dams.
Cool Careers: Circuits for Satellites
For a wide brown land, the prospect of finding water has always been tantalising. Now a final-year engineering student has found a way to contribute to this quest, winning a scholarship to attend the NASA Academy in the process.
Directions: Technology Underpins Better Water Management
Water policy needs to accelerate the development and uptake of efficient technologies that can adapt rapidly to changing climate and population.
Directions: Water Recycling: It’s Time to Go “Direct”
Water supply and wastewater systems are kept separate, but a report into water recycling finds this is no longer the best option.
Directions: Water Reform Needs to Be Back on the National Agenda
Our national water research effort is fragmented, non-strategic and lacks leadership.
Expert Opinion: Gillard announces 3,200 gigalitres back to the Murray
Prime Minister Julia Gillard has announced a plan to return 3,200 gigalitres of water to the Murray-Darling Basin (an extra 450 billion litres) from 2019. The Gillard Government has pledged $1.7 billion over a decade from 2014.
Lowe Tech: Sensitivity to Smart Meters and Water Bills
The Victorian state election will feature a new party opposed to smart electricity meters on health grounds, while others are campaigning against wifi in schools.
Simon Says: Battle of the Basin
Differences between farmers and scientists are being heightened by a process designed to reconcile them.
Online Feature: Desalination: Priorities for research in the Pacific
‘Desal’ technology has been in place on Pacific atoll nations since as early as the 1980s, so why did recent droughts invoke a state of emergency? Current reverse osmosis desalination research focuses on the needs of the industrial world, which are far removed from the challenges faced in developing tropical nations.
Online Feature: UN forecasts rising reuse of wastewater for agriculture
World lacks data on "massive potential resource", with only 4% of wastewater reused.