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The father of modern biology suffered much at the hands of alternative medical practitioners.
The Bitter Pill: A Pharmacist’s View of the “Natural” Route to Health
A growing tendency to sell and even promote alternative remedies and “natural” supplements is putting the reputation of pharmacists at risk, and adding to the burgeoning health costs of the nation.
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Which vitamins are backed by scientific evidence and which don’t live up to the hype?
Naked Skeptic: A Close Run Thing at the Chemist
The engagement of pharmacy and pseudoscience was broken before they could get to the altar, but it would have been a one-sided marriage anyway.
Naked Skeptic: The Best Research Money Can Buy
Why is Swisse funding research into the effectiveness of its vitamins when the TGA requires it to have such evidence prior to their listing?
Online Feature: Swisse Vitamins highlights the failure of industry self-regulation
Encouraging GPs to “on-sell” products to patients is likely to produce unnecessary or inappropriate prescribing