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Browse: A One-Shot Flu Jab for Life Browse: Whooping Cough Booster Vaccines Wear Off
While whooping cough vaccine protects infants and young children, booster doses wear off quickly according to scientists from the Queensland Children’s Medical Research Institute.
Browse: No Link between Vaccines and Autism Browse: Crop Vaccination without Side-Effects
Browse: Study Confirms Value of HPV Vaccine
New research has confirmed that vaccination for the human papillomavirus (HPV) has reduced the frequency of abnormal Pap test results and pre-cancers in women.
Browse: New Vaccine for Melanoma
A trial vaccine is being touted as the most promising treatment to date for melanoma that has spread, with increased patient survival rates and improved ability to stop or reverse the cancer, according to a study published in the Journal for ImmunoTherapy of Cancer.
Browse: Herpes Vaccine Trials Begin
Phase 1 trials are underway for a vaccine against the HSV-2 virus responsible for genital herpes.
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Feature: When the Immune System Forgets
A mutation is revealing the basis behind an immunodeficiency syndrome that stifles the antibody response to vaccination.
Browse: Oral TB Vaccine Better than a Needle
Of all the diseases that are developing resistance to antibiotics, pulmonary tuberculosis (TB) is by far the largest killer. One-and-a-half million people die of the disease each year, about one-quarter from co-infection with HIV.
Browse: Gen Y Says Bye to Genital Warts
Genital warts are becoming a thing of the past among younger Australians as a by-product of cervical cancer vaccination.
Browse: Malaria Vaccine Trials Funded
Funding has been received for trials of an all-Australian malaria vaccine using a different strategy to previous unsuccessful trials.
Browse: Safe Vaccine for a Sore Throat – and Heart Disease
Browse: Whooping Cough Upsurge Is Due to Weaker Vaccine Browse: 3D Protein Map Offers New Malaria Vaccine Hope
Browse: One Jab for Flu Vaccine Browse: Nanopatch Delivers Polio Vaccine Better than a Syringe
The Bitter Pill: Balance Returning to Vaccination Information
The Australian Vaccination Network’s status as a charitable organisation has been stripped and its web of half-truths and outright lies damned by authorities.
The Bitter Pill: Why Do We Pay Parents Who Won’t Vaccinate their Kids?
The federal government wrestles with the cost of health care for Australians, so isn’t it time they stopped paying parents not to vaccinate their children?
The Bitter Pill: Anti-Vaccination and CAM Reflect a Common Worldview
A study has explored the psychosocial factors driving anti-vaccination attitudes.
Naked Skeptic: The Girl in the Iron Lung
With Nigeria, Pakistan and Afghanistan the last remaining refuges of polio, most people today haven’t lived through a polio endemic and can’t truly appreciate the importance of vaccination.
Naked Skeptic: We Live in Fearful Times
Campaigns against fluoridation, vaccination and wind farms prove that if people think something is bad for them they will react badly.
Naked Skeptic: A TKO for Anti-Vax Network
Australia’s anti-vaccination lobby group has been dealt a body blow – and a few jabs.
Naked Skeptic: Abuse of a Sound Principle
The Precautionary Principle has been abused in debates about climate change, vaccination and genetically modified food.
Naked Skeptic: What Is a PhD Worth?
The University of Wollongong has tarnished its reputation by accepting a PhD thesis that presents anti-vaccination dogma in place of primary evidence.
Naked Skeptic: Why Did the Dog Go “Quack”?
People who reject evidence-based medicine also subject their pets to veterinary quackery.
Naked Skeptic: Don’t Let Straw Men Give You Hay Fever
Be prepared to face these straw man arguments when arguing with climate change deniers, anti-vaccination advocates and creationists.
Naked Skeptic: Irregular Regulation
A caustic paste can dissolve the authority of regulators more effectively than its purported use against cancer cells.
Naked Skeptic: Vaxxed Spreads Like a Plague
The anti-vaccination movement has employed dishonest tactics to ensure the public screening of Vaxxed in Australia.
Naked Skeptic: I’m a Celebrity: What Do You Want to Hear?
Most celebrity endorsements are benign, but dangerous consequences can follow when celebrities promote their own ill-informed ideologies.
Simon Says: Political Immunity
Vaccination sceptics are active in all vaccinated societies, but which side of politics they inhabit is a matter of national difference.
Online Feature: Anti-vaccination network told to change its name or be shut down
The heated battle between Australia’s anti-vaccine lobby, the Australian Vaccination Network, and those fighting against its misinformation has taken a positive turn with the New South Wales Department of Fair Trading ordering the AVN to change its name or risk being shut down.
Online Feature: Global Immunisation Constrained by Outdated Vaccine Delivery Systems