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Articles related to transport

Feature: Speed Bumps Slow Electric Vehicles
How much can electric vehicles reduce Australia’s carbon emissions, and what are the factors limiting the transition from Australia’s fleet of conventional combustion engines?
Browse: Tuk Tuks Powered by the Sun
An Australian inventor has produced a series of solar-powered vehicles that he hopes will take the developing world by storm. The first models are already for sale, and mass production will begin in March 2014.
Eureka!: New York Subway Home to Bubonic Plague and Anthrax
Traces of DNA sampled across New York’s subway have revealed a trail of anthrax, bubonic plague and drug-resistant microbes.
Lowe Tech: Back to the Future
Light rail systems are finding favour more than half a century since Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide scrapped their tram networks.
Lowe Tech: Planes, Trains and Automobiles
While road funding regulations remain messy, the Abbott government has supported a second Sydney airport over a high speed rail line linking the east coast cities.
Lowe Tech: A Bullet Train to Somewhere
A strong case has been made for a high-speed rail network passing within 50 km of 60% of Australians.