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Articles related to stress

Browse: Stress Hormones Underlie Indigenous Health Gap
Credit: PhenomArtlover/iStockphoto
Feature: Molecules that Mould the Mind
Molecular psychiatrists are revealing how stress during critical periods in adolescence can influence mental illness later in life.
Browse: Immune Protein Role in Stress Browse: Maternal Stress Leads to Child Behaviour Issues
The number of stressful incidents during pregnancy has been correlated with behavioural problems in children up to 14 years old.
Browse: There’s More to Hen Health than Housing Style
A comparison of chicken stress levels has found that other factors are more important than whether they are housed in cages or allowed to roam free.
Browse: Calm Ewes Make Woollier Lambs
Cortisol reduction in pregnant sheep leads to significantly woollier lambs, the University of Adelaide has found. However, putting the research to work may require a few more steps.
The Fit: Stress, the Iceman and Us
The release of stress hormones may have helped our ancient ancestors to survive dangerous situations, but modern stresses are killing us slowly. How do you rate on a common stress scale?