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Browse: Girl Shortage in IT Jobs conSCIENCE: Serendipity, Your Number Is Up
Science, technology, engineering and maths skills are needed to build the nation, but student and teacher numbers are in decline.
conSCIENCE: Science Is Not Just Whitefella Business
Australia’s indigenous culture has a rich scientific heritage, yet indigenous people are under-represented in science-related careers today. Some simple steps can change this.
conSCIENCE: Jobs of the Future: The Known Unknown
The digital revolution is having a profound impact on the workforce. Increasing skills in science, technology, engineering and maths is not optional.
Directions: No More Studies: It’s Time for STEM Action
The STEM situation is desperate and needs to be addressed as a high priority.
Directions: Vision for a Science Nation Opens the Door to Our Future
We need to develop an overarching vision for innovation in Australia.
Directions: Securing Our Digital Future
Our digital future depends on preparing industry and society for change.
Expert Opinion: Where does Australia stand on science, technology, engineering and mathematics education?
Experts respond to a report into international comparisons of science, technology, engineering and mathematics education.
Up Front: Too Many Science Graduates
A new report finds that the increasing number of science graduates are having difficulty finding relevant employment.
The Funneled Web: To be an Effective Chief Scientific Advisor You've Got to be Lucky: Robert May
Despite the hype about Prof Ian Chubb's appointment last year, the Chief Scientist doesn't have the influence afforded to his UK counterpart.
Online Feature: Chief Scientist Calls for a National Strategy for Science
A transcript of the Chief Scientist's launch of the position paper: ‘STEM in the national interest: A strategic approach’
conSCIENCE: Science for Dummies
How concerned should we be that many Australians don't know some basic science facts?